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SXG75 - petition���&#65

Toto téma je zamknuto bez možnosti úpravy příspěvků a psaní odpovědí    Obsah fóra -> Non Czech Languages Here
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Autor Zpráva
čestný člen
čestný člen

Založen: 20. 07. 2004
Příspěvky: 4348
Bydliště: Karlovy Vary

79.66 SMM
PříspěvekZaslal: čt květen 04, 2006 8:00 pm    Předmět: SXG75 - petition���&#65 Odpovědět s citátem

This is an English version of this topic:

Support of your product-request

We, owners of your product: mobile phone Siemens SXG75, want to express our discontent with this product and its almost no software support.

We think that you should assign more attention to it, as it is your top model. Siemens SXG75 had more that 3 months delay, so we hoped its firmware would be perfect. However we discovered that it doesn't handle functions that even your older and cheaper model od yours can handle (notes, direct installing java applications and themes, switching of GPRS, setting text of automatic signature in SMS, going through opened pictures in file system and its thumbnails, problems with "not enough memory" etc.). The list of all to us known bugs is included in attachment 1.

Our wrath is mainly caused by your none support of this product. You publish new FWs for your other models (S75, SL75) all the time, why is SXG75 an exception? We paid a lot of money for it with a hope in its perfection or at least trying to achieve it. However we feel a bit disappointed, when we or our questions are either ignored or laughed away by workers of your branches by phrases such as "we don't know, we are not aware".

We do not consider this approach to customer to be good. We ask you to remote our discontent. We include list of discontented users in attachment 2.

We also include a list of adresses where we sent a copy of this email. We hope you to respond to our request in adequat time (21 days from sending this email to your official email adress)

If you want to join our petition, send your name, your complete IMEI and nationality (f.e. EN, DE, etc) to Your IMEI will never be published complet, it will only be sent to BenQ email adress.

List of all to us known bugs (will be completed later, waiting for translation):

    01. When you hold the 0 key on the main screen, the phone automatically dials 112 (emergency call). There's no way to change it.
    02. Missing feature: Auto off
    03. Missing feature: Countdown
    04. Missing feature: Text notes & Confidential text notes
    05. GPRS cannot be turned off.
    06. The stopwatch does not work while screensaver is running.
    07. The phone does not support SIM Application Toolit on SIM cards from T-Mobile CZ operator.
    08. Only first five lines of Cell Broadcast messages are viewed.
    09. There is no way to copy all SIM contacts to phone memory.
    10. Max. 50 contacts can be moved to a group at once.
    11. The T9 dictionary uses Czech diacritic characters in the SMS editor and decreases the max. SMS length to 70 characters.
    12. T9 dictionaries do not work in Java applications. T9 languages cannot be changed outside the SMS editor.
    13. T9 dictionaries do not contain names from the addressbook.
    14. The internal e-mail client does not support ISO-8859-2 character encoding.
    15. Addressbook: Names that begin with diacritic characters such as Č, Š, Ř are shown at the end of the list.
    16. Addressbook: Items are always sorted by last names instead of 'Shown name' fields.
    17. You cannot store more that 500 contacts.
    18. You cannot store more than 500 SMS messages, SMS archive is not available.
    19. The last line's character sometimes disappear in the SMS editor.
    20. When a single SMS message is deleted, the phone automatically sets focus to the first message in the list.
    21. When received 2+ SMS at once after their reading and getting back to mainscreen it is displeyed I have new messages (but I've already read them)
    22. When received 2+ SMS at once after their deletion I may still read them. After quiting SMS archive they disappear
    23. When the red button is pressed in the SMS editor, the phone asks you to save your current message but there is no way to continue typing.
    24. The phone does not show length of missed and outgoing calls.
    25. Compared to other Siemens phones, SXG75 offers too low amount of features to assign to number keys and soft keys.
    26. Several menu items are shown twice.
    27. The phone supports only five volume levels for ringotones, music files and radio.
    28. You have to press the side buttons twice to change earpiece volume.
    29. When a sound file is played through the loudspeaker, an incoming SMS message sets the highest volume level.
    30. Incoming call alerts are not played in the headphones while the media player or radio is running.
    31. When the ringer tones are switched off, the alarm clock tone is switched off too.
    32. When you disconnect the headphones while listening to the radio, key tones are automatically switched on.
    33. There are no image thumbnails in My Stuff and Media Player.
    34. The number of remaining pictures in the camera interface is incorrect.
    35. Pictures (larger than 320 × 240) taken outside the phone cannot be zoomed in.
    36. The internal image viewer sometimes shows error messages like "Not enough memory" or "Image cannot be zoomed in"
    37. Image sizes and sound lengths are shown incorrectly on file properties screens.
    38. When you specify the file name template for camera pictures, date and time variables are not available.
    39. The internal image viewer does not enable you to go through multiple images in the current directory.
    40. No way to delete "damaged" files. Phone says they are System, but they are not
    41. GIF as wallpaper doesnt move-its static
    42. In media player is no way to set shuffle, repeate etc. fcs. as in S75
    43. Limited length of name of the song
    44. Only 5 mins. video recording
    45. During playing video, the "screen" is not in the rectangle, it is moved upword
    46. Even low-resolution video is not fluent
    47. Video forwarding almost doesn't work
    48. In Java apps BackLight doesnt corespond to backLight time in settings
    49. Not possible to switch off keyboard light f.e. during video playing
    50. Picture during incoming call is displey strangly
    51. No support for IMS-700
    52. Bad support for carkit bluetooth HKW600
    53. When received SMS, its melody doesnt play until end
    54. Some files on memory card arent displeyed in phone (they are in PC)
    55. It takes too long to load memory card
    56. Some of of text are not translated correctly
    57. Bad calendar synchronizing - when text is longer than 20 chars it doesnt work
    58. Both way synchronization doesnt work
    59. Very slow satelite detection
    60. Unstable connection with PC via Bluetooth
    61. email deletion on server doesnt work

Discontented users(47):

Tomáš Bezouška, 35725000011****, CZ
Antonín Pražský, 35725000011****, CZ
Radek Daníček, 35725000011****, CZ
Petr Švandrlík, 35725000011****, CZ
Miroslav Šůs, 35725000011****, CZ
Josef Peterka, 35725000011****, CZ
Tomáš Ulrych, 35725000011****, CZ
Aleš Vánský, 35725000010****, CZ
Jiří Bureš, 35725000011****, CZ
Jakub Vymazal, 35725000010****, CZ
Beníček Martin,35725000011****,CZ
Jiří Konvičný, 35725000011****, CZ
Martin Gottvald, 35725000020****, CZ
Mirek Štens, 35725000011****, CZ
David Šedivý, 35725000011****, CZ
Lukáš Kánský, 35725000011****, CZ
Petr Kašík, 35725000011****, CZ
Igor Takáč, 35725000011****, SK
Šimonik Leonard, 35725000011****, CZ
Zdenek Chlup, 35725000011****, CZ
Michal Thuma, 35725000011****, CZ
Dušan Aunický, 35725000011****, CZ
Daniel Bárta, 35725000011****, CZ
Štěpán Dalecký, 35725000011****, CZ
Lucie Harapesová , 35725000011**** , CZ
Jiri Stepan, 35725000011****, CZ
Martin Kočí, 35725000011****, CZ
Jiří Čtvrtečka,35725000011****,CZ
Stanislav Tichý, 35725000010****, CZ
Tomáš Strmiska, 35725000011****, CZ
Nikola Filipov, 35725000013****, BG
Martin Šístek, 35725000011****, CZ
Vladimír Mikula, 35725000011****, CZ
Zbyněk Zajíc,35725000011****, CZ
Jarosslav Brümmer, 35725000011****, CZ
Vojtěch Šír, 35725000011****, CZ
Petr Janeček, 35725000011****, CZ
Michal Hrouda, 35725000011****, CZ
Aleš Pudivítr, 35725000011****, CZ
Zdeněk Rosa, 35725000011****, CZ
Zdenek Kamenik, 35725000011****, CZ
Milan Macháček, 35725000010****, CZ
Viliam Barsony, 35725000011****, CZ
Ludvík Adámek, 35725000011****, CZ
Jiří Černý, 35725000011****,CZ
Tarik Arifullen, 35725000003****, FIN
Holger Janning, 35725000022****, DE

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